Introducing Brokers (IB)

TP Trades Introducing Brokers (IB)

TP Trades offers a rewarding Introducing Brokers (IBs) program to individuals and corporate clients across the world. The program enables the IBs to collect commission by introducing new business to TP Trades. The compensation that the IBs accumulate will be based on trading volume. Our IBs work in accordance with their regions’ requirement and are committed to continuously generate profitable business through a sustainable business plan drawing from experience.

TP Trades Affiliate Program, IB Advantages

As a TP Trades Affiliate, you will gain competitive rebates paid in real-time to your agent account as your referrals trade volume. All our IBs receive a personalized referral link to facilitate the identification of clients introduced and dedicated 24/7 access to their IB account.

Improve your IB Performance.

Once you are registered IB partnership with TP Trades, please be assured that all referred clients always be received the best service. From opening account, fast and secure funding, receiving all support and advices for making a profitable trade, accessing many instruments and expert advisors all the time they are in trading process. Becoming one of our IB affiliate will be assured that you and your referred clients shall and always being support by us, which will allow you to focusing on referring more clients.